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Seeing a lot of talk about hernia, and people who have had numerous surgical repairs.  I have had a hernia for 3 yrs now but aside from the unsightly bulge around my stoma, it causes me no discomfort or pain.  Do I need to have it looked at?  How bad do they get before surgery becomes an issue?

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Hey tim , i heard hernias dont hurt .. Have to tell you mine were very painful i dont know much bout em for some reason i asked when i was and still recovering some hernia questions but Nuttin ...I also have another friend from here whoc alled up said he was in soo much pain the egg like size on his abdo was painful , i am still waiting after 5 weeks to know why mines hurt soo much maybe your bowel hasnt poped thriough ???

No idea i can tell you mine started gettimng bigger day after day in summer ,oops sorry australian summer about december 2011 but was getting a lot of seemed like flu like symptoms too so if it dont hurt !!!!!! i had my 9th op all up now and all my probs are still severe adhesion pain which i thought they mite have givin me a break on opening me up i had 2 large hernias on incisional site and larger one on stoma site more ops worse you get as far as im convinced now... If it dont hurt dont worry or get a scan !! up to u matey

I have an hernia also but my doctor does not want to operate on it.  About 3 weeks ago, I had terrible pains in my stomach.  I called for an ambulance to take me to the hospital.  I sat in a bed with pain in the hallway. They wanted me to redo blood work and do a ct-scan that  I already done that week.  I did not want to put myself through this again.  So, I refused services and checked out of the hospital.  I took a cab home and when I arrived home I took an Alive.  Pain went away.

It seems to me that I need to watch what I eat.  So, now, I am being very careful on what I put into my mouth.  I downloaded the list that someone posted on what not to eat and it seems to be helping me.  I was eating a lot of almonds and walnuts which I believe caused a blockage.

I see my doctor on May 7th and I will discuss the potential of having the reversal.  Its a little over one year now.  I was dx. with diverticulitis with a tear in my colon.  I was also dx. with lymphoma non-hodgkins B cell and had one chemo treatment.  My white blood cells are stable, therefore, I do not have to do the chemo treatment.  According to my doctor, I just need to schedule ct-scans every six months and do blood work (cdc) every month.

Other than that one incidence three weeks ago, I have not had any problems with my stoma.  Its been a journey.  You can live with this situation which is very gratifying to understand.  Also would like to applaud all the ostomy-mates for all their wonderful help and support.  This is such a great site!!!!  Thank You ~
Hi, I have a large hernia which 'just keeps on growin'.  It started off as an egg, grapefruit, gala melon, honeydew and is now giant water melon!!!  However, I am very lucky as it doesn't cause me too much bother.  I wear a specially designed truss with a hole for the bag, and sometimes wear hernia support underwear on top, but find that this can cause pancaking at times.  Physically it is very unsightly, disgusting is the word I use, but I can not have surgery unless it becomes strangulated due to other health issues.  If for any reason I get a terrible pain in it (not often), I lay down flat and hope that this will straighten out any kinks that have formed.  So far this has worked!!  I also have to watch everything I eat and have now just started taking Fybogel  so as not to become constipated.  I have to say that the worse thing about it  all is that I have had to change to drainable bags as it is such a pain to take the truss off and such what to change when you are out, and as I have a colostomy it can be a job draining it (hence the Fybogel!!  The only advice I would offer to people is that everybody should wear support underwear if they get bronchitis (which is how mine started), or are doing any DIY or heavy stuff like moving.  It might not be pretty but it helps in the long run.  

Mooza,  I hope your hernias are on the mend, and don't go lifting any of those boxes at your supplies place!!
i have hernia and not the frist not sure what to do

My hernia is about six months now, but only starting to really bother me 2ish months or so ago. I have to resolve one complication, then onto repair...
Today I saw my specialist for a followup after 5 weeks of radiation. I asked him why the stoma side of my stomach was so much farther out than the other side. The whole left side of my stomach around the stoma sticks out much farther than the right side when I look down at it. I asked if it was a hernia? He said it is, and I asked why it doesn't hurt and he said the larger ones don't, and I should be glad it's not a small one. I wonder why small ones hurt and large ones don't?

I've made sure to hold my hand firmly over the stoma area when I am getting up, turning over, or doing something that could strain it, but there it is anyway.

I was looking at hernia support belts online and put off getting one, but now I think I'd better.
Please recommend the one you like?
Sounds just like what I have.  Looks like a softball is under my stoma area.  Doesen't hurt.  Oh well,  somethin else that we have to live with
Supernan, I also have a very large water melon.  It don't hurt me. Once I did eat a bag of peanuts and I had to call the ambulance to get me.  There was a peanut blocking the way.  I will never eat another peanut of any kind.  My doctor don't want to do surgery because I am a smoker.  But I also have uriostomy and don't have any where to move my stoma.  I could live okay and deal with it all if it wasn't for the Hernia.  I am so embarrassed to go out into public.  I look Preganate on my left side only.  I have a Hernia belt, maybe I should start trying to get use to it.

Hey Texas Girl!

Please don't feel embarrassed!! You really look very nice!

There are ways to dress to camouflage things like that and it looks like you have found one of them. I know how self-conscious I feel too, so I am trying to adjust my wardrobe. Were you wearing the hernia belt in that photo? Good idea. I guess I'd better get one also.

Nice photos. You have very little to worry about.

No, I am not wearing the belt in that photo, but it is far away so you really can't  see it.  I did go drag my belt out of the closet this morning.  I do have it on now, and really it is very comfortable.  I should have been wearing this along time ago.
I stopped worrying about the way I look, on Nov 13 2009 when I woke from my surgury and saw the stoma for first time.
Tim, I am sorry to hear that.  I think you should have a better outlook on you appearence.  I don't know what you look like, but just because we have a stoma shouldn't mean that we can't or shouldn't look nice.  I hope you are happy and have a blessed day.
I have a hernia belt from a company called Nu-Hope;  the hernia belt is excellent
and they are very helpful re:  deciding on type and size
Best of luck...
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