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What about BI males & Swingers

My wife and I used to be active swingers, any members like to know about the lifestyle just ask,
We were in Florida, but now in Kent UK.
Bags dont mean the end.  
How do other bi Guys/couples  cope?
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Hi I will like to know a bit more about this topic. so please get in ttouch. Thanks
Hi there - I'm the partner of a wonderful woman who has had an ileostomy.  Together we've worked pretty hard to rebuild her confidence and thankfully, I think we're pretty much there!
We both have a very high sex drive, and we've both talked (at length) about trying swinger clubs, but she's very nervous about being naked around others.
Are there clubs that cater for this?  Is she being too worried?  It's never bothered me, I'm sure there are LOTS of couples out there that must feel the same way?
What are your experiences of swinging post-op???
A (2 and E (30)
No experiencec what so ever, this is new to me.
Hi Safari - what would you like to know? Best
A swinger club for ostomates....wonderful idea!!

Ha! I’ll let you know if I find one!


Pringles:  Well, 2's company and 3's a crowd.  I think  we may already have one established...........You, me, and your wife................any joiners??

It would probably be full of
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