Trying E-Cigarettes: A Surprising Alternative to Traditional Smoking


I have had the opportunity to try one of those e-cigarettes. The first puff, I thought, "No way is this going to satisfy my craving." But I decided to give it a try. Remember how hard it was to start smoking in the first place? All the coughing and hacking we went through just because we wanted to smoke with our buddies. We stuck with it until we got the hang of it and then we were hooked. Well, that's what I did. After spending a first day craving a "real" cigarette, the dissatisfaction began to lessen to where it was a tolerable experience. Now I am smoking them and am satisfied. Especially the fact that while you get the nicotine you crave, you don't get the tobacco tar. The price is also great; for about the cost of one pack, you get the equivalent of a carton with one small vial of the liquid to put in the device. AND you can smoke them anywhere.

Now if they would just invent E-Copenhagen I'd be set...!!

Man, there ain't nothing better than a smoke with that first cup of coffee in the morning...!!!!

Ok, now tell many times have you tried to "light" it.....

I just had a thought....if I wonder if an E-woman is in the works....... one that cooks, cleans and ....errrr does other things....then you just plug her into a charger till tomorrow.
Good heavens, they could even load a GPS program into her where she could drive (never give a woman a map) and possibly a set of "heated feet" for those cold winter nights!!

Maybe a trolling motor attachment so you could take her fishing too..., a radar-guided gunsight so she could zero in your deer rifle and....................... lol, that ought to get a few responses.
When enough people are hooked, watch the price of a pack skyrocket!

And, MMSH, they had e-Women back in the 70's. They were known as Stepford Wives. Be careful what you ask for!

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Oh MMSH, are you never satisfied with what you have, always looking for something better. I'm sure those intimate moments with your e-woman will be just great! You opened it.........

I believe the correct term is "sexbot".

All those extras, those apps if you will, just drive the price up. I guess I'm just a sexbot purist.
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I bet some would come with a saddle and floppy discs and, oh hell, I best quit right now.
Ed, yes those could be optional "upgrades" if you will.

I'm thinking standard features should include an "emergency kill switch" just in case you should get a "leg cramp" or something similar during certain activities.....

They have them on racing if you fall off....the bike shuts down and doesn't finish the race "without you"...
Sorry Jack, I seemed to have "hijacked" your thread... Back to the original topic... I personally prefer "real tobacco", call me old-fashioned...
Hey Jack, thanks for the reminder about those "good ol' days".  I just had a dream, then a nightmare.  I dreamed I was having a few E-shots of Christian Brother's Brandy or some White Lightning from the Scranton coal mines and chasing them with a gallon or two of E-beer while inhaling a pack and a half of E-Marlboros.  I'm sharing this with the most beautiful E-woman on the planet in her room.  When she returns from changing into something more comfortable, reality strikes; ED.  ED Like in the Viagra commercial.

I've been using zero nicotine e-cigarettes for 5 weeks now. My taste buds are back, but so is my nose. New Zealand has just started a study on e-cigarettes. I can't wait for the findings. I have had no insomnia this time round, and I think it's because of the crutch that is e-cigarettes.

Why don't you just quit? You are still paying money and smoking. I don't see any health or money benefit.

Just seen this post. Watch out, it's not that the price will be put up by the makers, but by the government. Here in the UK they are already concerned about the loss of tobacco revenue due to these e-cigs and are looking at making them prescription only and slapping some tax on them. Bottom line is the government can't afford for everyone to give up smoking, too great a loss of tax revenue.

Beware disastrous side effects of e-cigarettes; an end to your smoking career!

I write this in mourning; fully attired in black I am. Unfortunately, my habit of smoking is dead. I didn't mean to, it was an accident. Now, as I pass a smoker and sniff the air for the lovely smell of a cigarette, I can only smile fondly at the memory and be glad there is no craving since smoking post-cancer is pushing the envelope a bit. I never intended to quit...but I ended up doing exactly that; one day my e-cig fell on the floor and just sat there for about two weeks until I cleaned that corner of the bathroom for stray hair and lint and stuff. I don't know what came over me as a loyal smoker, even now I have the e-cigarette, I have the cartridges, and I have the batteries to power it up; yet in my drawer it sits. Just can't be bothered with that. Perhaps when my kids go over to their dads and I've naught to do but sit and watch TV and perhaps puff, puff, puff. I do love to smoke. Next time I get bored, I shall have a puff and a cup o' joe...miraculously divine combo I just love the stuff.

Interesting to note: previously when I'd quit smoking, the smell would be offensive to me once I'd stopped. Now, having quit by mistake with the e-cigarettes, I find I still like the smell of cigarettes, I just don't feel like smoking. And I enjoy other people being able to smoke. I especially love to see elderly folks driving along or wandering about mobile, good feeling and smoking!

Beware happy smokers, e-cigarettes will interrupt your habit to puff!

Electric cigarettes are okay, but dragging around that extension cord is a bitch!

Not to worry, I'm working on a dress shirt and belt. The shirt is made up of tiny solar panels that supply power to the belt, one has to think of smoking those suckers at night, I'm sure it will beat the shit out of that long extension cord.
Ed, while you are working on the belt details, could you design a "mute" button for my E-woman.....!!!
Have no fear MMSH, one of the first things I came up with is as soon as you unbuckle the belt you have your mute!!!!
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