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No music


Hi, am I the only person who doesn't like music? I don't have any CDs or a music machine. My friends think I'm nuts, lol.

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i am replying since not one else not like music makes me think you have other issues.................but give it a try - it is a mirecal

- however I come from a musical background family.......i cant admit this - if i am a lil down and out.....'the blues'    i dont listen to musice.....sort of self torture if you ask me


thank you for your reply ,i dont think i have other issues that makes me not like music ,i just find it quite annoying,

i dont like the way a song can make your emotions change, ie sad song thinking of lost loved ones ect, 

i appreciate a lot of people love music ,i just dont get it, but hey thats me ,im sure theres lots of things i like that others dont ,

maybe it was because i was brought up in an very striked orphanage and i never heard any music till i ran away at 16, but who knows ,x


Hello leah.

I too don't have any of the music machines that most people seem to have nowadays. It's not that I dislike 'all' music - it's more that I like to choose that music which helps me relax and enjoy life. It's much the same with looking at pictures or engaging in other activities. I like to do what I like to do and that sometimes sets me apart from the majority.

My dughter and her family don't have television! In this day and age people simply do not understand how she and the family can live without it. Personally I can fully understand this point of view as watching modern TV seems to be the psycholgical equivalent of choosing to take a less than pleasant walk through a municiple rubbish dump.

You say that music makes your emotions change  - for me that it the very point of music, poetry, art etc.  some of this stuff can help change your emotions for the better. However, many of the composers of modern music  and verse do have unresolved 'issues' that they express through music, art etc.  Perhaps you are sensitive to their emotions as portrayed through their music.  I feel sure that if you become more discerning about what music you listen to you may well get something more positive from it. after all, if it can change your emotions one way it may well have the power to change them another more positive way. 

Best wishes  Bill


It's difficult for me to imagine life without music.  I studied classical piano from an early age like so many other kids in my neighborhood in the forties and fifties.  Radios played in every house I ever visited and live music seemed to be everywhere.  I thought we all liked  music and some of us loved it but were ashamed to admit we listened to the classics.  A high C by Pavarotti, a thunderous Mahler symphony or just about any Mozart creation performed properly allows me to envision, even feel, the threshold to heaven.  That's not to minimize the glorious experiences from Streisand, Groban, Humperdinck and many, many more great artists.  Though not critical, I am truly sorry for anyone who has missed the pleasures of music.  Hey, it's not too late. Try some.  You might be surprised.  




hi mike thank you for your comment i do apprecite it,

i can understand how a lot of people love all kinds of music, believe me i have listened to all kinds and have found it 

to be very annoying,drums banging ,singers screeching is all i seem to here, i have head lots of the classics and hate it, 

i didnt start this topic for people to judge me no me them,

i dont beleive in. nor understand religion,but i can see how many people get a lot of comfort from theor religions, 

you feel  sorry for me because i have missed the pleasure of music, well to me its no a pleasure,

i am a professional artist, but many people do not like my work yet other come back again and again, ,

i jist wonderd if there was anyone else here that didnt like music, as i havnt  met anyone yet , 

ps. bag pipes ,pan pipes,drums, violin,and flute, i really really dont understand how anyone can enjoy listenig to that racket, 

but hey we are all different .i pleased to say, x


Hey Leah, I would not judge you for your artistic or religious preferences.  I'm not authorized to judge you or anyone else for what you or they might do.  Maybe I have opinions and they may differ from yours but they're just opinions and, if they come from just feeling rather than education and experience, they're probably not valid.  

A lot of today's music fits your description; the screeching, drums banging, etc.  The thought of bag pipes, pan pipes, drums, violin and flute together is as funny or scary as it gets.  I would still prefer that to most rap.  

My reference to the heavenly aspect of some music was probably a poor choice since there might not even be a heaven.  People who are adamant about that might tell me to go to hell.

I think my main intention is for all people to enjoy all the things they can so long as they don't impose or offend others.  

I hope I get to see your art work and I hope I enjoy it.  I would play Paderewski's Minuet for you but I know you would hate it.




thank you i think i missunderstood your previous comments, i know when someone is passionate about something they want to share with others and find it hard to understand when others dont feel the same ,here is some of my work ,im a reborn artist, i make life like dolls,honest opinions?




very impressive work leah.


VERY impressive!! What a talent, looks so real!!


Very impressive..for real looking......

I was amazed when I saw these dolls so I had to go check it out......Reborn dolls.........I could not believe one sold for $22,600 on e-bay..........also the story about how one father dropped his 5 year old girl at school.....she was always had her doll with her but this time she left it in the car and the father went on to work....................He parked his car and went in to work....someone saw the doll in the car and panicked and called the police........................................they smahed the  windows to get to the baby inside....that is how real they are.............amazing........



I can easily understand what you say Leah.  I once heard that the word for "music" in one of the ancient languages (maybe Sanskrit?) literally meant "attack on silence", and some great teachers over the ages have talked about "the power of silence".  I'm surprised by the number of people I know who avoid silence by constantly having the TV or some other source of sound or music playing in the background. Although some music is sometimes delightful, I find much music is a pollution of the beauty of silence. It's interesting that sometimes the most powerful part of a song is the moment of silence in it that's unexpected.

As for your dolls, they are intriguing and make me wonder what they feel like. What materials are they made of?


WOW!  Holy (non-religious) WOW! I'm in awe and thank you for sharing.  You are truly an artist.  

With respect and admiration,


PS:  Now I'll try to write a reborn lullaby.  Don't know where to begin. 


I love some music but I do not keep music going like many do -- I taught so many years and love the peace and quiet....


sorry if it seemed like i am judging you...................i dont judge anyone - do what makes you happy-not everyone is going to like me or agree what i do but that is life and it would be boring if we all were the same..................i dont like it when people try to hate or hurt..........and please dont try to scold me into changing my views ---and i dont mean you - anyone...........just enjoy something


hi three thank you fr your comments,i too love the quiet and peacefulness throughout the day i i work in silence ,helps me concentrate, the head and limbs are made from silicone vinyl and the have a weighted soft body ,so feel like a real baby ,the weigh anywhere from 2lbs to 15lbs.the hair is kid angora hair ,baby goats hair is lovely and soft like a real baby , im working on a five year old child doll at the moment, i reborned a manikin doll for a shop windo, she looked so real people were talking to it through the window lol thank you again... leah



thank you very much mike for you comments ,im glad you like them, leah 

ps ill look foreward to the lullaby.x



Thanks for the info Leah. If you ever found a good videographer and posted a YouTube video showing the process of creating a doll, I'm sure you would get many, many views.



THANK YOU, BUT THERE ARE QUITE A FEW tutorials on you tube, 

and to be honest i dont want to give away my tricks of the trade, 

although i say it myself im classed as a very good reborn reborn artist and i make dolls for tv shows ,

coronation street ,east enders ,and even the illusinist derron brown, 

some of the artist on youtube are ,amatures trying to make a fast pound, and the dolls arnt top quality ,



No, there is at least you and me in the Universe. I am so tired of being pounded by music, even in the supermarket. Sound tracks in a movie are 'ok' but music in general, over rated. Some types of music are worse than others.  I did by a CD of Andean flute music to play on a long car trip, and some steel drum music, ditto. For car CD player. 

Can't seem to avoid being bombarded in restaurants, supermarkets, even clothing stores. I walked out of a store recently after asking them to turn down the music.  They would not, so left my travel wardrobe in the dressing room cart (about $300 worth of clothes). That music was so loud it hurt...and I walked out.

Stopped listening to music, and dropped out of pop culture about 25 years ago, FWIW. No interest. I also don't like to dance.

The CDs I did  own were books and old time radio programs. All of which were recently stolen when my car was broken into. No big loss. My ostomy back up supplies were thrown in the street but they did not realize my folding scooter was in the back of the car, and was not touched. Close call!

Gwen in L.A.


Hi Leah,    Loving or not loving music is personal choice....not to be judged by anyone...  Personally, I love some, like other and can't stand the sound & tempo of rap, hip hop or other loud . brash sounds called "music". 

BUt I do love "art", raised an artist, and am in love with your "reborn" baby dolls....   So beautiful, they make me want to cry...or smile, or both.    

Best regards



Well I seem to hear music in things like when it's raining, often when it's hitting different objects near by, and sometimes when the wind is whistling through the tree branches and their leaves are being tossed about. I like music.

And your work is beautiful!


you are insane!!!


Hey Jason, who?  All of us?



Honest opinion: first time I ever saw these dolls I thought they were freaky, sent goosebumps up my spine - still do. There seems to be something a bit macabre about them, like stuffed babies, in my mind.   But you do a great job for those that like this stuff. I am a doll collecter, btw, and would not have one of these.  As for the music, to each his own. I happen to love it even though there are long spans which I do not listen to it because I like to listen to silence also.  I loved music alot more when I could dance with abandon, but my body kind of limits that these days. tongue-out


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