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Tell about your experience meeting a celebrity, actor, singer, etc.

I met R. Lee Ermy (Mail Call, Full Metal Jacket, etc.) and Gary Sinese and Donald Rumsfeld at my work when they came to the base for the troops.

My mom & sister met George Strait when he was in the same western wear store shopping. My mom thought he was a calf roper she knew, lol, she had no clue who he was.
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This happened Back around the late fifties or early sixties. In any event I had delivered some menus to friend who ran a restaurant, and he introduced me to this rotund fellow who was all dressed in white, none other than Col. Harland Sanders who was selling a franchise to this particular fellow. About an hour later he shows up at our printing plant and as soon as he spotted me he came over and shook my hand like long lost buddies. He had a stack of Kentucky Fried Chicken menus, all blank on the inside and a new menu for me to print up, of course everybody was wondering how I knew the man, so for a while the bulls*&^ was flying, it was fun for a while anyway.

I met Paul Sorvino in an elavatore while in Atlantic City, Played poker with Lou Holtz of the fighting Irish in Las Vegas. I guess gambling towns attract
I like KFC, lol, I heard the Col was very nice and a real people person, and his chicken is pretty tasty too!!  Smile

Paul Sorvino & Lou Holtz, that's pretty cool! I just watched Goodfellas the other day for the 100th time, such a great movie. Smile
Txgirl wrote:
Tell about your experience meeting a celebrity, actor, singer, etc.

I met R. Lee Ermy (Mail Call, Full Metal Jacket, etc.) and Gary Sinese and Donald Rumsfeld at my work when they came to the base for the troops.

My mom & sister met George Strait when he was in the same western wear store shopping. My mom thought he was a calf roper she knew, lol, she had no clue who he was.

That's cool TXgirl, I get a kick out of R. Lee Ermy (he was great in FMJ), and Gary Sinese is one of my favorite actors.

In the late 1970's I was enrolled in the School of Journalism at the University of Montana.  One evening when leaving a radio broadcasting lab I saw the dean of the school walking up the stairs with the schools most famous alumni, Carroll O'Connor.  I was not the best student (I was on the "wrong" deans list) so I was surprised when the dean stopped and introduced me to Mr O'Connor, and Mr. O'Connor reached out and shook my hand.
Oh !! I LOVE Carroll O'Connor!!! What a cool person to meet! Were you a bad boy in school??? lol
R. Lee Ermy was so cool to meet, I was shocked at how quiet and soft spoken he was! He was on the base doing an episode of Mail Call about the B2.
Gary Senise was on base doing a show with his band, "The Lt. Dan Band"....pretty neat. Smile

you met r. lee....oh i love that guy....he works with profanity like an artist with paints. on the off chance that anyone has not seen  "full metal jacket" is the boot camp clip...
I met Rudy Valee back in the 70's at lazarus,in the book department.He was auto-graphing his book.He seemed like a nice person.My mom remembered him from movies long ago.I had a chance to meet Jackie Chan in Chicago,back in the late 90's.I didn't go,had to work,but my friends went and got an autographed picture of them with him,that they gave me.If ANY of you people EVER get a chance to meet a celebrity,DO IT !!!!It will be worth calling off work for!I called in sick to work back in the mid 80's,went to the Columbus airport and watched the SST come in to town.Got a birdseye view of it from the lookout area(that they had at the time,doesn't exist any more).It sure was a beautiful sight to watch landing and taking off!
I taught Chad Kroeger  from the group Nickelback.
those are all such cool stories...and I am actually a fan of all of those people!
Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorite movies ever. I actually didn't realize it was him, I walked up to a tall guy in a flight suit and asked him if he needed help with the uniforms, he very quietly replied, "oh no young lady, im doing just fine." I ALMOST DIED, I KNEW RIGHT THEN BY THE VOICE.....lmao...
I worked at a countyr club as a kid and met a lot of people: Morey Amsterdam, Dave Casper, Buck Trent, George "Goober" Lindsey, (went to school w/ boxing champ) Donald Curry, Icky Twerp, Roger Staubach, Lance Alworth. Many more. These are off top of my head.
oh johnyy! you are my hero! lol
My dad used to joking call my mom, Icky Twerp as a joke. I cannot wait to tell het this. lol
Thats so cool you met all those people. were they all pretty nice?

Hello everyone.  Many people here, including myself, have met and know Rolf Benirschke who is a former place kicker for the San Diego Chargers. He's also a former ostomate who started the Great Comebacks program supported by ConvaTec.

And right here in Connecticut we've got lots of famous people, some who live in the state and some who just visit. I have friends who have met many NFL players and coaches since we have ESPN headquarters only a few towns over from me.

At one time or another we've had a former member of the rock band KISS living here..Kathy Lee Griffith, David Letterman, Billy Joel and Michael J Fox have also lived here at some point as well....

One of my former doctors was Richard Diana, a former running back for the Miami Dolphins. He keeps his helmet in his office along with pictures of himself with former coach Don Schula...

Guess that's all for now...........

I've had the pleasure of meeting Dolly Parton in 2005 in NYC.  She was lovely and signed a few items for me.  I also have met Cyndi Lauper, Chad Allen, Joshua Jackson, Cheyenne Jackson, Tipper Gore, and Judith Light at a benefit in NYC one year.  All great people and wonderful experiences.  

If anyone knows how to reach Rolf Benkinshire (I know I spelled that wrong,) please send me his e-mail address.  I want to ask him if he has any suggestions on how to get employers to give you a chance at a job after you've been on disability for a long period of time due to the disease and subsequent ostomy surgeries.  

Wow, that's really cool.   Interestingly, my job for the last 19 years is delivering paper, and print supplies to print shops.  The most famous person I met, and talked with is the Queen mom.  I also met Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip.
I worked at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, NY for 2 years.  I was the governess of the two young sons of James D. Watson the Director of the lab (the co-discoverer of the double helix molecule- DNA) .  I met Jim nearly every day and even got to cook and eat dinner with him on the occasion he came home early.  He is a very nice person.
Years ago I met Buck Owens at his radio station in Bakersfield calif
Back in 1971, Chet Atkins and I played a tune together in the back parking lot of the RCA studio on 16th Ave. in Nashville Tenn. What a thrill, I was so nervous I was all thumbs, and we where playing finger style guitar!
Wow...Buck owens & Chet Atkins...nice!

How did you come to play with Chet Atkins in the parking lot? That has to be the coolest story.....?

When I was working in event planning, I had alot of opportunities and invites to stay in various hotels in the Boston/Cambridge area.  Upon one of those "freebie" weekends, I was  waiting for an elevator and when the door opened, Harry Connick Jr was standing there.    Much to my surprise and delight, I might add. He was staring at me .. when I looked back he turned , winked, smiled and said hello and introduced himself.  My friend was with me .. I thought she was going to faint!  Charming and easy on the eyes!  

My brush with fame ..... not much, but I will never forget it!

Well this doesn't count as meeting but today at my local hospital I was about 10 meters away from Prince Charles. He was visiting injured soldiers.
ok, Harry Connick Jr. ..? Nice piece of Charles, that is so cool! Not what I would call manflesh, per se, but still, I'd be so thrilled to meet him!!!  Smile
I met James Caan in Miami years ago.
I would not have known it was him if my sister didn't introduce us.
Do you know what Prince Charles said to me yesterday??

He said " Who the f--k are you"......
I hope you told him "what you don't recognize me?"   "I am a famous person---are you one of those impersonators?
thatis so cool that you met the queen!!!  Always been one of my dreams!
I've met Jon Bon Jovi in '90 pretended like I didn't know of him, had a few drinks, bs's for about 4 hours, went riding on motercycles next day....nice guy
Clint Eastwood at his restaraunt, "Hogs Breath Inn" George Kennedy was with him, Johnny Nitzinger if anybody heard of him....hes a friend
Well, i grew up in a little town in Georgia called Macon. There was a recording studio there called (Capricorn). I can remember a night when i was 15 years old and a band came to town and set up their equipment at a little club my friends (a band) had opened. They were incredible,and walking around asking for spare change to get food with. A really great bunch of guys ,they called themselves The Allman Brothers Band. Of course the studio attracted so many great musicians. Basically the entire regiment of the Southern Rock movement was in and out of town all through the years. There was a bar there called Grant's Lounge and i was so fortunate to meet so many people, from Eric Clapton, to Dr.John and every southern rock star you can name. Marshall Tucker,Wet Willie,The Little River Band, and dozens of others. They all would come to the bar at night and jam when they were in town recording. When Chuck Leavell (Allman Bros. keyboard) took the job with the Rolling Stones in the early 90's, i got backstage passes for the concert at the Georgia Dome in 1998. Mick and the Stones were great to meet. So,i was very lucky to meet so many great musicians all through the years.

I met Cloris Leachman and Marty Feldman and spoke to both of them when I lived in San Diego back in 1979.  They were downtown making a movie called "Scavenger Hunt".  I got both of their autographs too.

In April of 1983 when the Tacoma Dome opened, I not only saw Rick Nelson in concert for free, but was the last person to get his autograph as he was leaving to head to his dressing room after the concert.  I think he died 2 years later.  Awesome concert, especially free.  And a very famous person.  I used to be a huge fan of Ozzy & Harriett when I was a kid.

Well last yr my friend and I went to see Kenny Rogers and we got to meet him, he was just the sweetest man. Then yrs ago my neice was Elvis's personal secretary, he had gone to her sisters wedding, were I met this wonderful giving man, and we were lucky to get free tickets to one of his last performances.
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