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Ballooning and venting bag


i have Hollister 2 piece.  use Coloplast extra vent.  still problems.

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you are certainly not alone. I know I've had to deal with the same, and I don't get the vent thing, because it never works for me either. I'm just now getting a handle on what and what not to eat. Pretty much everything in my pre-stoma diet gave me gas (who knew ?). To make it a little eaiser to burp, I put a little lube on the wafer ring before cliping the bag on. THis makes it a little eaiser to crack the top and let the gas out. Someone else on this forum said she puts a breath mint in her pouch and it helps with the oder. Haven't tried this yet, but I'll let you know how it works.


Sometimes I have the opposite and don't know which is worse. Ever get a vaccum going on in your pouch. Ugh, for me it is always a mess. Nothing moves down and ends up pushing the base plate away from my skin.

Ballooning does have a whole lot to do with what you eat. Beano helps when I just have to have something I like that gives me gas.


Hollister is the best. Speak to the sheild people. There really helpful. There really cool.


I have some hollister but prefer the coloplast two piece. They are my main supplies.


Hi there . I've been using little gel packs in the Ileo Bag. These are called "Absorbagel". The little packs are about the size of a Nickel and contain a thimble sized amount of powdery stuff. I put three in my bag every time I empty. It turns the "stinky " into a pudding like texture. A side effecy is that it also absorbs much of the gas and air. My bag doesn't ballon anymore at all.

    If you try it use just one packet at first , to see how it may need two or three. Open the end of the bag wode and then drop them in, as far into the bag as possible, I use a one piece Hollister...brilliant stuff. It only gets thick after it is in the bag so it will not pancake.

Good luck,  Eamon


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