Trouble with Ballooning and Venting Bag - Need Help!


I have a Hollister 2-piece. I use Coloplast extra vent. Still having problems.


You are certainly not alone. I know I've had to deal with the same, and I don't get the vent thing, because it never works for me either. I'm just now getting a handle on what and what not to eat. Pretty much everything in my pre-stoma diet gave me gas (who knew?). To make it a little easier to burp, I put a little lube on the wafer ring before clipping the bag on. This makes it a little easier to crack the top and let the gas out. Someone else on this forum said she puts a breath mint in her pouch and it helps with the odor. Haven't tried this yet, but I'll let you know how it works.

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Sometimes I have the opposite and don't know which is worse. Ever get a vacuum going on in your pouch? Ugh, for me it is always a mess. Nothing moves down and ends up pushing the base plate away from my skin.

Ballooning does have a whole lot to do with what you eat. Beano helps when I just have to have something I like that gives me gas.


Hollister is the best. Speak to the shield people. They're really helpful. They're really cool.


I have some Hollister but prefer the Coloplast two-piece. They are my main supplies.

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Hi there. I've been using little gel packs in the Ileo Bag. These are called "Absorbagel". The little packs are about the size of a nickel and contain a thimble-sized amount of powdery stuff. I put three in my bag every time I empty. It turns the "stinky" into a pudding-like texture. A side effect is that it also absorbs much of the gas and air. My bag doesn't balloon anymore at all.

If you try it, use just one packet at first to see how it may need two or three. Open the end of the bag wide and then drop them in, as far into the bag as possible. I use a one-piece Hollister...brilliant stuff. It only gets thick after it is in the bag so it will not pancake.

Good luck, Eamon