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This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

A baby lives in the womb for nine months. The baby is comfortable and don't have to do anything. He/she gets food from the mother, gets carried around all day.

Sleeps whenever he/she wants to, it's peaceful and calm and life is good. For a season that's healthy , the baby is growing and maturing that's the ways it's designed,

If the infant stays in the womb too long, he/she outgrows the space. When it comes through the birth canal  it's tight, uncomfortable and traumatic.

Now all HELL breaks loose! he/she thinks what is wrong with mama? Have she lost her mind? He/she is being pushed, squeezed and pressured. Finally he/she comes out and breathes new life.

Using tha above as an analogy, it brings me to this point. Before sickness hit, I was in my comfort zone. Then I was pushed because of surgery that changed and saved my life. We all go through different changes after that.

Some are listed below:

Rejected/husband,wife and lover

Betrayal/Someone whom we thought was a friend

Loss/Someone or something


New birth has occurred-yes a door was closed but another opened. I wouldn't have known my strength, what looked like a dissapointment was a birth.

Today is a new Day!

Best Wishes,



Great attitude!  

MeetAnOstoMate - 28,297 members

well said angel


Great Post Angel! Great analogy! 



weirdnewlife, mmsh and Puppyluv... Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Appreciate the support!


I find it simply amazing at the strengths people can find when they're confronted with a situation like this. Good for you don't give up you are worth it


Very well said Angelicamarie,I think many of us have experienced at least one of 

 the changes listed. Acceptance and a positive attitude is key for healing both body and mind. Thanks for sharing.


You are awesome 


Morning glory .... Thanks for responding, your commments were much appreciated. 



AMrfd.. I apologize for not addressing you first, didn’t see your comment. Thanks so... much! Remember Your worth it also...


Mike crow.. That’s so very kind of you to say... I simply try to support others. Have a great Day!


Angel-I so enjoy your posts. Thanks for bringing inspiration to so many lives. You understand the true meaning of life: helping others.


BagFace...Your kind words are appreciated. Thank you!


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