I work as a support worker for an adult with autism and enjoy my job. I write songs and play guitar in an alternative/rock band. I prefer independent or alternative types of music,film,theatre,art. I am a supporter of several campaigning organisations and detest bigotry and discrimination of any kind. Looking for someone to share life and love.

Had my ileostomy for 25 yrs now! (hooray!??) I've recently renewed my membership here as i'd like to make contact with fellow ostomists
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Hi, ensure that you have the exact fit. This will avoid irritatin...
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September 2022 I died for 15 minutes. Prior to The Event, I was ta...
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Hey friends, I'm new to this just had surgery in October for perfor...
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Tree climber, small business owner, ilesotomy 2020, crohns diagnosi...
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