Hi everyone! I'm Daniel, I'm 30 and live in South Carolina. I was diagnosed with severe Crohn's at age 13 and got an ileostomy a few years after that, after many surgeries.
I feel like I missed out on the fun experiences of being young and in high school and college due to being sick all through them. My life since then has continued to be very restricted but I'm trying to meet people and get back out there. I'm hoping this site will help me find others who can relate. I'm VERY familiar with many Crohn's-related issues and being in the frustrating maze of the healthcare system.
My current goal is to move out of the US to another country, so if you know about living outside America, anywhere in the world, I'd love to talk!
I like comedy, movies and tv, podcasts, comics, video games… anything that can help pass the time índoors when I'm not feeling well. You can message me any time through my insta daniel.comma.
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