I've just found this site, so am a 'free' member but may soon change to a pay member. Wish I'd found this site 20 years ago, but found it now and am willing to be upfront about myself.

I've had a colostomy for over 20 yrs, but the surgeons 'slip' during the surgery left me permanently impotent. My wife does not accept my condition nor my ostomy and I'm frustrated.

I can and do travel a lot, very active and fit. Don't let my age deter you...we 'mature' guys have patience and know how to give pleasure even without penetration.

I'm a non-smoker, non-drinker (but no problem if you enjoy a drink). I'm retired and financially comfortable, love walking, theater, classical music, but I don't watch sports much and can't handle tattoos or piercings. You could try me at my poker identity: Pairs Win (no space) gee maildotcom

I would welcome correspondence with female ostomates of any age who are in sexless relationships like my own and who might someday consider a discrete meet after exchange of emails and getting to know each other; or maybe just for support chat by email. I'm willing to travel.

Tell me a little about you.

Live your life and forget your age!
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