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Always the the girl searching for my next adventure! I have had my ileostomy since 1989, 32years now, as a result of Crohn's disease. I never let it stop me from turning down the chance to learn from new experiences. I even had a healthy baby boy 28 years ago with my ileostomy.

I'm a small town girl, who loves making myself tired everyday, by enjoying the great outdoors. Out in nature I enjoy my kayak, electric bike, skis, quad-four wheeler, hiking trails, camping spots, fishing, building campfires, finding frozen waterfalls, travelling to new beaches and watching sunsets.

I'm fun, easy going, confident, adventurous, and very spiritual. My weakness is ice cream and cuddles, never too much!

I always have a very positive attitude, I take nothing for granted.
I now have only good days or great days!
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

I'm open to chat with anyone or offer support if needed, I'm always looking for new friends!


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