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rainbow seeker

New to having an ostomy, but certainly not new to the challenges of IBD. Have battled Crohn's for half my life. Ostomy surgery July 31/15. Finding that the learning curve has been pretty steep... a few panic moments resulting in some dramatic situations, but can thankfully laugh at it all now. Hoping to find other Ostomates (male and female) willing to share their own unique stories following an ostomy entering their lives. Would be amazing to meet some fellow males to connect with that can help shed some light on specific struggles and successes they have experienced as an Ostomate. I am very open to meeting great guys with the hopes that a chance online meeting might just lead to something special... who knows what he future may hold.
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No ostomy yet. Seriously contemplating one. I have several question...
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New to this. Looking to learn and make friends.
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