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First I guess it's best to get the most awkward part out of the way, so here goes; I have had Colitis for many years and when the medication stopped working I found myself in hospital for a couple of months and eventual left with a Total Proctectomy. I have a ’permanent ileostomy’ 5 years ago I was re-diagnosed with crohns and colitis. No I also never knew you could have both but apparently you can and I have. Since then I have had more surgery to move my stoma from one side of my tummy to the other and had a little of my small bowel taken away. So that's that out of the way and if you haven't been put off then here's the nice part;
I love gardening, good food & cooking, theatre, walking in the country, staying in national trust cottages, animals ’especially cats and dogs’, reading, nature, music, art, I'm learning to play the piano, studying to become a ’Dr Bach’s remedy’ practitioner and lots of other things....
I collect art and have quite a big art collection, mostly post war British and Irish, but I love all types. I’m one of my happiest walking around an art gallery and I love invites to the first night of art exhibitions.
My home is in the U.K. on the south coast in Brighton. I'm 4 minutes walk from the south downs and half an hour walk to the sea.
I can understand the ups and the downs of living with a stoma and have probably been through most things that being a baggy throws at you. I know how hard some days can be and I truly know the power of a hug when ones day is full of poo... Maybe the only ones who are special enough to be a baggies ’special someone’ is another baggy!
My friends say that I am very easy to get along with and that’s it’s about time I had someone special to share my life with. So If you have a bag for life and fancy dropping me a message then please do, I promise I will always answer.
So why not give me a try we may become the best of friends and who knows I may just be the guy who you began to think never really existed.

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