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Hi my name is Sara Navarrette I'm single and I'm looking for someone who's going through the same thing as I am. It's a lonely life now that my life has changed with the Ostomy. I'm hoping to make new friends and start talking to people who are dealing with the same issues.I enjoy life as much as possible. I love the outdoors, going camping and fishing,sitting outside by a fire in the winter,just about anything really. I love going out to dinner, dancing, movies, working on my yard
long walks,and just about anything that has to do with being outside. I'm not a full member but email me at **** or look me up on Facebook.
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f, 76
To see how others with ostomies cope with various issues.
Pennsylvania, United States
m, 24
24M with a temporary ileostomy due to many years of struggling with...
California, United States
m, 24
24 M with a temp ileostomy looking for people who I can relate with
United Kingdom
m, 66
I have an illiostomy.
Missouri, United States
f, 45
Just looking for specific information about the diet of a person w...
Louisiana, United States