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I’m a 51 year old female, and I’m on my second ostomy. I had an Ileostomy for 9 months due to colorectal cancer and was grateful for 2cm below my tumor that allowed reattachment. I got through this first ostomy experience mainly by reminding myself it was temporary. Long story short, reattachment never healed properly, got an interstim device which didn’t help much and ended up with a nightmare of a fistula situation —so now I have a permanent colostomy. I’m really struggling with accepting that it is permanent, for the rest of my life. Hearing others’ stories and advice is what I’m seeking. Support and tips from people who are living the ostomy life would mean a lot. My family is wonderfully kind and supportive but cannot understand what this is like. So contact and friendship with other ostomy peeps would be great. I’m happy to find this group!
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