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I am ALWAYS happy to talk with anyone I can be helpful to or encourage on the medical front, but I also hope to use our unique forum to chat about more than just the medical stuff 😊 With that said, my credentials are as follows: diagnosed with Crohn's in 1999. Went through all the meds, doctor visits, surgeries, etc. had some success with a J pouch for awhile, but had to get a permanent ileostomy in 2010. I have had numerous obstructions since, but no flare ups, which leads me to believe it was actually UC. 😮‍💨

On the non-medical side, I grew up in NJ and went to college in PA. I've worked in multiple cities across the US in both non-profit, social services, as well as corporate America (when I chose to sell my soul 😝). I have lived in Rhode Island for the last 15 years and currently love my job in IT. I have 3 amazing kids (divorced ), 2 boys and a girl, just turned 50 and am entering the world of dating for the first time in 20 years! 🤷‍♂️ Please don't be shy, I'd love to chat with folks of any age! Stay well 😊
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Hi I'm Dale and I have an ileostomy!
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