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Hi there. I hope that you are happy and healthy. It is so hard to talk about oneself, but here goes:
Had my bladder removed in 2002, and have been living with my little "bud"dy and a pee bag ever since. Like most people, I had some issues with it at first, but we have settled down to a great working relationship ... he goes with me everywhere :-)
I am exceptionally fortunate in many ways. Very healthy, no debts, live in a great part of Canada, receive wonderful health care when needed, and have an active life in MOST ways. The exception: been married to a good woman for 40 years. Not a mean bone in her body, and one could not have asked for a better partner to raise two wonderful (now grown) daughters. Our current married life is really most similar to the life of two long-term room mates. We have supported each other through thick and thin, good and bad.
But there is no intimacy of any sort. She had a scare with breast cancer a couple of years ago. All good now, but the hormone therapy has left her with no interest in any type of romance. Or so she says. (Might be my fault, but if so, she's not saying.) No snuggling, no touching, no deep conversations about us. Just a good friend who shares the house with me. Cést la vie.
We used to travel a lot all over the Caribbean and Europe. LOVE Cuba and the Cuban people. I've been 29 times, and once this pandemic is manageable, I'm booked to go back.
My passions are scuba diving (yes, with a bag), pickleball, bicycling, lake and ocean swimming, good wine, good food, and good conversation with interesting, intelligent eclectic people.
I am a fairly liberal person, a capitalist with strong socialist beliefs. (For our American friends, this does NOT mean communist). I believe that we should take care of our fellow humans, and all should have access to basic human rights. I belong to a couple of organizations that help the disadvantaged, both at home and around the world.
So, what am I looking for here? Conversation, friendship, possible travel companions (either one or a group). Yes, you get your own room :-)
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