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I have had an Illiostomy since I was 36 years old and I am now 79. I was married to a man who was so great in accepting it. I was so fortunate. By all accounts it has been very good accept for a blockage every so often that I suffer through, never going into the hospital because of them.I would not be alive today If I didn't have it done.Do I like it? Heck No, but I have lived a very full life and a good one.I have always kept a good attitude about it, what other choice did I have, plus I had a wonderful husband who was a great supporter. I am now a widow and I'm looking for some men to talk to and meet to give them the support I got all my life from my husband. I still have a lot of living to do until God says otherwise. I don't look my age and I don't feel 79 I am still quite active here in Ma.on Cape Cod. I would like the companionship of a man again to do things older couples do. I am very open to try new adventurous things, within my capabilities,
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