Where do I start. Plenty to tell on here and plenty to talk about off here. Had some major surgery including removal of colon at 18 and then a colostomy at 38 . Coming out of the Hospital I thought here goes , against the odds I took and passed my motorbike test. Did the family object. ? No spurred on by my Mum who was a biker herself many years ago . That was a start of another chapter in my life with my Son. He too passed his motorbike test 10 years later. Out riding together at times . Good memories .Finally a Whipple procedure in 2020 massive op but thanks to brilliant surgeon I'm here still but all successful. Topic for conversation off of here. Have took some other major hits in life , but come through each one. I don't take things lying down. People describe me as funny, positive and someone that will have a go at anything . Competitive and even stubborn. I call it independent. But whichever it is I'm very caring of fellow human beings and an animal lover. I have run a motor repair business since 1986 That also being my trade since I left school. So 50 years this year . So you could say I'm a stayer. Love my days out to the South Coast when covid allows. If you fancy chatting let me know. Best of luck to all . Adrian
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