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I am involved with a Facebook Support Group for Ostomates. I love the outdoors as long as Mr Wilson isn't playing up. I lived in Leeds, UK and returned from there in 2007. Am fun loving, GSOH, reasonably fit (due to illness of Crohn's) and just love being alive!

Am just looking for friends. What else to say? If you want a good friend who you can laugh with and share some thoughts, come and ask me.
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f, 59
Mine is located very high and central, just under my sternum.
North Carolina, United States
m, 53
I am looking for friends and people to talk to, I have my ostomy fo...
Michigan, United States
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Looking for Friends
United Kingdom
f, 53
I was dx with early stage (cellular) cancer. I also have MS. Due t...
Pennsylvania, United States
m, 45
May 16th was when i started living with my permanent colostomy bag...
Illinois, United States