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I've had colon cancer & a temporary illeostomy in 2014 & now I have a colostomy. I hated the ostomy bag because it made me feel unattractive. My husband/caregiver used to take care of it without complaining. He said we are not going to stop enjoying life because of your appliance. Then suddenly he died of a heart attack & I was devastated, angry, frustrated & depressed. Because we assumed I would die first since I was the cancer patient. I started feeling all alone in a world that is becoming less compassionate, less tolerant & less open-minded.

Now my new caregiver has taught me to take care of my colostomy, give my stoma a name, eat healthier & exercise. She told me that I need to interact with down to earth people more often. Consequently, I decided to reach out to other folks who are learning to live a normal life with an ostomy.

As for me, I am very down to earth & I enjoy museums, zoos, botanical gardens, horse races, dog races, car races. I am also quite content dinning at home, reading, watching the stars, moon & the sun set.

I am grateful to all of the generous good people on this site for sharing their knowledge & experiences.
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