In the early to mid 80's I came down with Crohns disease.I had flare ups, but nothing that couldn't be treated with medication adjustments. By the end of the 80's , I started having real problems with my large bowel. (2 or 3 operations for fistulas)Then perforated my large and didn't know it until infection set in. They operated and took out all my large bowel and cleaned up infection, and gave me my first ileostomy. They got most of the infection cleaned up, but around my spine they couldn't get it all. It took three more operations, {1 every second month}to finish.I did very well after that. Life was good after that. I worked on a farm loading bails of hay and running equipment,with problems at all until they reconnected me almost 2 years later. The fistulas and operations started again.They gave me another ostomy and try again at a later date. After that operation when I went home I sneezed twice in my sleep,and I felt a pop but went back to sleep. When I woke to shower. I took off the dressings, and everything pulled apart.Now because of all the operations and scar tissue they couldn't stitch me up. It had to heal on it's own. I went home again and threw up my morning meds, I pushed a piece of bowel thew the stomach wall. (Hernia) Went back to the hospital again.Again told me nothing they could do,they discharged me after breakfast.I took a shower, and when I came out I had another fistula in that piece of bowel. Now the only way to heal the small bowel, is keep it dry and inactive (no food and water) for six months. They couldn't operate so I tried it. They fed me with an I.V.( T.P.N) for six months. I could only last 4. They took it away. They left me that way that way till six years ago when I ate too much for supper. After dinner I had a smoke and I felt that pop in my stomach again.this time my Hernia let go and my insides started coming out on my lap.I then had another 12 hour operation to reconstruct my stomach muscles. A month latter again another fistula out the center of my stomach.This is were I am now It is sure hard on the love life.

Looking to talk to people with similar problems and interests. I am also looking for new friends and possible relationship.When I was working. I did a number of different things, such as Welding,Rust repair & Auto Body, Upholstery and Mechanical. Just over a year ago I came down with COPD and i am now on 24hr. oxygen. Thus I was forced to quit working.I have Crohns disease,and have had many operations.
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