I am a woman going through a lot alone. Received my permanent colostomy in February, 2019. Parastomal hernia repair in June, 2020. And another parastomal hernia repair in November, 2021. Did these completely alone. Ruined the last surgery because I was a caregiver to my wonderful Dad. Now I need a major major surgery. I have another huge parastomal hernia around the colostomy, I have 4 to 5 different types of hernias on the opposite side of my stomach. With mesh hanging down in all that from a hernia repair I had done before ever having the colostomy. I have no family support. My brother placed my Dad in a nursing home when I got Covid and pneumonia. And my brother separated me and my Dad. My Dad is my father first, and then he's my best friend. My dad lost his sight to glaucoma and cataracts. I promised in his darkest of days to bring him light through my eyes. Now I'm heart broken because my brother is extremely mean and power of attorney. Everything is so hard. This next surgery coming up I must lose 50 pounds because the surgeon says it's so risky. And knowing I have no one to give me strength through this makes me want to give up. Financially, I'm drained. No body wants to date a woman with a poop bag and all these problems. I just don't know how I will ever make it through this all alone.
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