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Thanks to Uncle Fester (a hateful cancerous tumor in my bum), I spent all of 2021 fighting him, only to end up with a permanent colostomy for Christmas. It's all good. I'm currently NED and happy as can be. Could use some help navigating this brave new world though!
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m, 44
Ileostomy since March 19 awaiting completion surgery. Nice to speak...
United Kingdom
m, 56
Formerly had J pouch now permanent illiostomy
New Jersey, United States
f, 35
I've had my ileostomy for 7 years due to aggressive crohns disease.
Oregon, United States
f, 73
I have an ileostomy and have questions and am looking for tips from...
Florida, United States
f, 51
I'm here because my husband has an ileostomy and Im feeling rathe...
United Kingdom