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Hi All!

It is a wonderful thing to have this community for support, advice, and friendships! Thank you to all.

I have gotten my health and life back finally! Whoop!

I had my large colon removed in December 2021 with a permanent ileostomy and total completion proctectomy in April 2022 due to Ulcerative Colitis. I have an older brother who has had Crohns and an ostomy since he was 17 so this wasn't that big of a shock for me. I've watched him continue living his life as he normally would, hunting/fishing, waterskiing, heavy yard work, ect. I knew when I was in the hospital and the doctors were giving me the news that I had to do it and accept change. I felt so horrible that I was ready.

I haven't felt this strong, energetic, balanced, ready to attack life for about 10 years! I feel blessed! I can't thank God, my surgeon, doctors and nurses enough. I even have a new job beginning soon that will actually be a career! For the past 3-4 years and especially the 2021 I did NOTHING! I couldn't go anywhere due to constant painful, exhausting, often flareups, or if I did, I looked for the restroom immediately to know where to go. Basically homebound.

Now, I feel like my old self in my late to early 40's instead of 51! I just need to loose weight and get fit, haha. I have to wait a few more weeks to begin excersizing per my surgeon or I may rip my inside stitches(today is 05/27/22).

I have so many plans of epic adventures ahead of me that I'm excited for; spending much more quality time with my grown children, horseback riding again-haven't much since 2016, cooking/BBQing/baking-trying new recipes, new gardening plans, being out in nature and the water, new many travel plans to save for and kick off, learning the piano, singing lessons for recording lullaby's I sang for my children to give to them when they have theirs, continuing to learn to paint, crafting, other adventures, reuniting with friends and making new ones and soon grandchildren to love, adore and play with.

Enjoying music daily has gotten me through MUCH of my sickness and recovery-I've always had music in my life and it has helped tremendously.

I am an avid reader and have read many of my favorite authors while so sick but did I enjoy it due to being ill? Maybe reread a few like C.J. Box, James Rollins, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Dan Brown, Micheal Connelly, and many light fun reading too!

I am a movie/tv nerd not just watching but digging into behind the scenes and finding out how they make the special effects. I realized that I was feeling much much better when my two celebrity likes became crushes (internet stalkery??? haha! ;-) ).

I had a job for many many years as a Park Ranger at one of the largest Park systems here in Minnesota. I ended up breaking my leg and knee in late 2016, needing surgery and not able to go back due to my leg/knee just never the same. I then moved to Illinois to be with my brother and his family and worked as a 911 Dispatcher. I came back to Minnesota after a year when my oldest two were getting married and had a very busy year! Ha! I worked at an Accounting/Tax firm for two years and then my pitfall with my health occured. Like I mentioned above, I have a new career I begin shortly and am very excited for this opportunity.

I am divorced for quite some time and hadn't really been in the dating mood for the last 4-5 years due to illness. Now I'm jumping at the bit to meet people and yes, that means in person. I can't stand it when there is only on line messaging with a few calls. I'm wondering how the intimacy would factor in and my young adult kiddos and friends always say the same thing, "If they like you, accept you, it'll be fine! Who doesn't have medical/physical issues in their 50's?!" But they don't have an ileostomy and worries that come with it. My brother with an ostomy married a he lucked out! He suggested to try this site and also if I meet someone with out one, hopefully they are accepting.

My family and friends would say I'm a very positive person (even my doctors these past 6 months say that's why I'm healing so quickly), happy, independent but yet smother them with affection (who doesn't as a newly empty nester?), fun, outgoing, excentric making up my own lyrics to songs and just singing them at any moment and love hard yard work or working in the barn. I'm wondering how that will go now? Only been 4.5 weeks since my last surgery and so far I've gone to the barn with my daughter and only brushed her horse, cleaned her tack, cleaned a stall/swept the isle...which SHE loved. Haha It was pushing it but felt good to move. I am thinking I'll have to purchase a chushiony lambskin saddle pad for my new "Barbie Butt" as my doc calls it. Haha I am a talker and can have a great time in any situation, in the back yard to something fancy, when I have to me an adult and be classy! Haha I have purchased a few "wraps" that go around the pouch/lower abdomen area while wearing clothing or none (in the future hopefully!) but having an partner with a pouch really seems complimentary in all areas of a relationship.

Hope everyone else is doing great and if not, this seems to be the community to help!

Blessings & XOXOX ~ Colene
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