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Hi all, I had an ileostomy at the end of December 2021. It was due to initially suffering from diverticulitis and ten months later developing a abscess on the colon. The operation I had was to address the problem caused by the abscess and also fix the diverticulitis. I have been told by the hospital that the ileostomy should be reversible once the operation to the bowl recovers. So I guess I am lucky. I would like to chat and possibly meet people who like me are new to having an Ileostomy.

My hobbies are woodturning, IT, clay pigeon shooting, cycling and swimming. Although I have not had the bottle to return to the swimming since my op. I retired in 2015 and pass the time with my hobbies, I am also an active member of "The men in sheds association" which if nothing else means I am good at drinking tea.

I am not a full member on the site so I am unsure how members can chat without becoming a site subscriber.
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Full colectomy with end ileostomy Dec 2022, due to UC for 10 years....
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️‍I have a colostomy (Jan 22); still sort of new to this! ️‍
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61 year old male with ileostomy. 3 surgeries back in 2019 and 2020....
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