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I have a colostomy as a result of surgery when I turned 30. My kids don't remember me with-out it. Most peple don't know I have it unless I tell them. I can share my experience with new ostomates, and am eager to hear about new appliances and strategies when living with ostomies. All of my doctors from when I had the surgery have either retired or moved out of state. 24 years later- it is difficult fo me to find new info. I happened on this site looking for Adapt 7730 adhesive- and now I see I am not alone :)
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I've an ileostomy since 3rd of March 1995
United Kingdom
m, 48
Just want to get some information about having a bag. What food to...
Texas, United States
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Ive had an Ileostomy since 2018 performed due to a painful j-pouch...
California, United States
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I would like to read about other people's experiences and problems...
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Looking for Support and Friends
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