Hi. I am a two time Cancer survivor. I had Ductal Carcinoma stage 3 in 2018. I underwent a bilateral mastectomy, and a year later had reconstruction. Did all the fun radiation and chemo. In early 2020 I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer. Again with the wonderful chemo and radiation that wasn't very nice this time around. I ended up having surgery to cut out all the bad stuff and since it was so close to my anus, they decided to tale everything away and give me a permanent Colostomy. This happened March 28, 2021. SO here I am a year later and finally decided to join a group cause I really think I need it :) I didnt get much advise at the hospital, and i even changed out all my appliance and everything right after surgery (Nurse apparently got in a lot of trouble). I am having some issues, not horrible yet (I mean except for a few explosions yikes) but not really sure whats normal and whats not.
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