June 6, 2022 and new here. I'll fill this out later.

I am a subversive rebel, decided to pen a couple of books, articles, working on it as we speak. Rebelliously I am quite successful in living a full life. Whatever physical condition I have, it's just that, a condition, no less and no more; it does not change me in any way, neither on the outside, nor within. It has made me stronger over time; it has allowed me to reflect within and answer deep questions by slowly and manually peeling all the way down to the core of the onion, layer by layer.

At the end I found a better self, more secure with a deep knowledge of who I am inside, which is what matters most.

I will write how I have been able to date, feel confident, comfortable, and how I have not a sliver of any issue with whatever condition when it comes to socializing, living fully, and finding intimacy in a distant world.

I am an INFJ for those that know. Writer and finishing a project right now. If you need some support or advice, feel free to reach out; I'll place a picture within a couple of weeks.

If you are sapiophile and like to ponder on the mysteries of the mind and the human condition, things like neuroscience, quantum, ptsd, you name it. It'd be fun to meet someone that has these interests.

Life is short, dance like you've never danced before, laugh till it hurts, and do not waste a second feeling nothing but the light you'll find within you and in all of us.
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