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New to the ostomy life. As of March. Colostomy due to cancer.
Hopefully I'll find some comfort of people living life front and center.šŸ˜† Friends are always a good start. Moved just before the whole covid crap...and haven't made any friends here.
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f, 62
I have a ostomy and I hope to gain information about related to that.
California, United States
m, 29
Looking for Support and Friends
Pennsylvania, United States
f, 60
I have an illiostomy.Having problems with leaks and best pouching ...
Nevada, United States
m, 55
New ileostomy. Had bowel cancer. Long hospital stay. On going issues
United Kingdom
f, 68
I have a colostomy, now for 28 years due to rectal cancer. Looking ...
Oregon, United States