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I've had my Lg. intestine Colon,Rectum completely removed and have had an ileostomy for 15 years. Was married for 11 years elected to get my ileostomy because we were expecting our first child and i was going to be a stay at home dad, but my crohns was so bad that i would't be able to take care of our baby if i was constantly in the bathroom. So by "wanting" the ileostomy I was able to take great care of my baby, and have a little better quality of life and freedom. But in 2014 my wife had an affair and we divorced in 2015. Very devastating because we now had 2 boys which I raised. And then in 2018 my X told me my youngest son wasn't biological son and tried taking him from me, but the judge awarded me as his true father and the biological father was now legally only the step dad. I'm an open book but extremely lonely, would love to meet someone so I can share my love, and it's always great to ask someone for advise with ostomy issues that spring up from time to time.And maybe I can help someone as well. Thanks for this opportunity!
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