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I'm a v vet , I died 15 yrs ago , I had a triple A , I died , my colon died , before I was sent back . I decided to join a group, to share my experiences , both good and bad , in the hope that we all will feel good about our common interest . When all this happened, I was 55 kinda set in my ways , I was in the airborne while in the service . I'm a proud man who does for himself , rarely asking for any help . I found myself at a very low point ( mentaly). I needed help, not just w it's the ostomy but also with the mental . Well I'm here to tell everyone , There is life after ostomy. Don't let depreciation rob U of the JOY of living. We all got questions , there is no wrong questions to ask , WE don't know WE ask . Feel free to ask anything of me ,
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I have am ileostomy due to ulcerative colitis. The bowel was pretty...
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Hey I'm Emily! I'm not too sure what I looking for on here yet. I...
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