12-1-21 Complete colectomy with an ileostomy now. I have a very small hernia on my stoma and I think it's also beneath it now as I've had sharp, stabbing pain quite a bit today. Comes and goes. I'm supposed to be going to my surgeon 7-14 to get scheduled for my reconnect. My 30 year old son passed away last year in March2021, so stress and Covid in September2021 (2nd time for me) is what they think weakened my large intestine. I was diagnosed with a lot of stuff that morning after my emergency surgery. Severe sepsis, Toxic megacolon, Necrosis of large bowel, then by the time they got it out the small bowel tested positive for Necrosis also so out it came! Negative for every bacteria they tested me for over the 2 weeks I was there. The blockage was so bad that I went into severe sepsis over just 6 hours I had to stay in ICU for a week. I'm finally all healed up and got my bags fitting properly and the Dr says it's time to reverse it.
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I have had a ileostomy since July, 2020 and a Proctocolectomy that ...
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Rectal anal cancer. Cancer removed. Side pouch ostomy. 3 years ago....
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Hi, I've had my urostomy for 6 months now. I'm figuring things ...
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Just got my ostomy in December 2022.
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