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I just resesrched a Q & this forum popped up. Trying to figure this out as its midnight but I had to join to see the answers. Bio: 20+ yrs with an ilelostomy after numerous surgeries & unfortunate complications that led me to be disabled on SS at 21yrs old then after yrs of that & pitying myself I decided I wanted a life & so I got one as 17yr active Realtor near the Beach in San Diego County or hiking Mtns near Yosemite where I'm from. Ive learned to make the most of my situation with an attitude of gratitude!
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m, 67
Ontario, Canada
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Fairly new ileostomate- 4.5 months. High output. Trouble with elec...
Illinois, United States
f, 53
I was dx with early stage (cellular) cancer. I also have MS. Due t...
Pennsylvania, United States
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Oregon, United States
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Soon to have an ilieal conduit after bladder removal
Ohio, United States