I have been married for 30 wonderful years now to a wonderful soulmate/friend with three awesome children I joined this site because I would just like that someone is there when I need to talk or just need help with all this I am new to all this as of June 27, 2022 I got and loop Ileostomy I will be keeping my stoma because so far it has changed my life for the first time I feel like I am living my life and not just dealing with it. My family is very supportive with this new change in my life and they are also very happy for me. The biggest thing for me would be needing someone to talk to if I have any concerns/question learning all this is hard at times. (Not Looking for a relationship).
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New to all this.
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I had new colostomy pla ed 12/31/2022, I&D of peristomal abcess 2/2...
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Illiostomy had emergency surgery to save my life.
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