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Ileostomy. Hope to be able to learn about regular ostomy life. I will be up for a reversal in October. Just about the entire 11 months my stoma always seems uncomfortable or like a bee sting feeling.
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f, 69
Iliostomy since 2022
Pennsylvania, United States
m, 25
Ostomate since 2021 due to Crohn's. Looking for people that can rel...
Tennessee, United States
f, 60
I am a new ostomate as of 9/2/22. I'm really struggling with gain...
California, United States
f, 53
I have been married for 30 wonderful years now to a wonderful soulm...
Pennsylvania, United States
f, 67
End colostomy. Frequent emptying of pouch. Frequent leakage due to...
Ohio, United States