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Hi my fellow travelers in this ever changing ever challenging world of ostomy/ileostomy. I am a nurse (now retired) and feel blessed compared to just 20 years ago with the products available to us! But even so I have bad/frustrating days that seem hard to get around….do I really have to do this the rest of my life??? And it has been only 2 years! 🤣😏
So I have decided to add my 2 cents to this forum and help others. I did it the hard way and struggled my way through. I know I have much to learn from all of you as well!
BTW I am a high output ileostomy and that is a bummer! My husband bought us a 45 ft coach to camp with so I would always have a restroom available as my high output never slowed down. What a guy!
I have 3 little dogs that take up a lot of my time and I paint some.
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