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Just emerging from a seven year depression and trying to love living life again Also after the last six hardest, devastating months of my life. My physical, financial and mental health has been exhausted…NOW, it's my time to turn my life up again…but I've lost contact with all my friends, and I have social anxiety and trust issues:(. But I am so welcome to new opportunities for my new life…seems like this might be a great place to ask for help. God Bless🙏Prayers&peace🫶🏻Rhonda Faye💜🦋
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I just received my Colostomy in 2021. I have been slowly adjusting...
Ontario, Canada
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I think I have short bowel syndrome, trying to find info from othe...
California, United States
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Colostomy - emergency surgery performed Nov 2021. Happy to say I'm ...
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Looking for Support
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Looking for Support
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