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I am a new ostomate as of 9/2/22. I'm really struggling with gaining weight. I've had a lot of digestive problems in the last few years which caused severe weight loss. I eat a lot! But sometimes it hurts to eat and I have a lot of bloating, gas, cramps, etc. The ileostomy surgery is supposed to relieve these symptoms and allow me to gain weight. My colon was removed 10 yrs. ago and I had a j- pouch made. That was a challenge. It stopped functioning and now I'm an ostomate currently at 79 lbs. I need to gain 35 lbs at least. I'm hoping to find other people who are struggling with or have any good suggestions about weight gain: how long does it take? I would also like to share experiences with changing the bags, showering, skin problems due to wearing the bags, what products do you recommend, etc. Thank you in advance for any help!
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