I am 51 and as of May 2022 I was was hospitalized with sepsis, on life support and had a battle for my life. I survived less most of my colon and a new friend “Stormy” my colostomy. I may be a candidate in a few months for a reversal but with only a 50/50 chance of success. I was already 3 years single being picky because I wasn't settling for anything but my soul mate and finding it impossible… with this colostomy I don't even really want to put myself “out there” so to speak. I'm looking for someone who can truly understand what I'm going through both physically and mentally with this. It's by no means going to stop my life, but I've already been through a lot and the life that I have left I don't want to have to spend it continuously having explain myself in hopes that someone will just happily understand…
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