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I live and travel in a 5th wheel RV. Been traveling for 6 years and currently stationary thanks to my health and medical needs ! As of Sept 23, 2022 I've been wearing an ostomy bag due to a swollen colon but needing a heart bypass before they can focus on the reason for my colon problem ! I had the heart attack first, Sept.9th, and 2 weeks later colon problems!
This is all new to me being healthy up to the heart attack. I was very active, hiking, kayaking, etc. during my travels with my husband ! I joined this group which I found by searching the web for information on this colonostopy stuff, not knowing anyone to talk about it with, learning tips, etc on how to deal with all aspects of it !
I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone and knowing there's help out there ! Thank you all !!
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