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We are all on this site to find another person that can understand what we are all going through.
Me: Ive had this urostomy since age 2. I have never let it stop me from living life to the fullest.
You have to remember that you wear it, it does not wear you...
I like to write and play music, ride mountain bikes and motorcycles, snorkel, kayak, jet ski, go boating, wine tasting, camping, go for drives and explore.
And then other days, I just wanna relax, watch movies and cook.
Ive been known to travel for a great concert or the promise of an amazing beach. Ive raised cattle and other ranch animals and been a captain of my own vessels.
Would like to meet a lady so we can get to know each other, share some stories and laughs and see what kind of adventures are awaiting us...
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