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Little Wing

I find having a stoma is very hard. There's no getting around it. I get on with life but it's very hard.

So… I'm Irish, live in Ireland, work in Ireland. I'm a professional man, have reached the top in my career, university professor, written books, travelled, lectured everywhere. Married, two children. I had cancer 10 years ago, and a stoma then. I am reasonably outgoing but I don't ever talk to anyone about the cancer journey and the stoma. As a university professor I deal with student problems all the time and have a good reputation for kindness (I'm sorry if this sounds a boast!), but I don't seem able to open up about how hard I find where I am. I put down the USA not Ireland as a friend/support because (a) I like the States and have been there often and have always found it very easy to make friends there, and (b) I find it hard to talk here. These 10 years have been very tough. Feeling down tonight, I decided to see if there were sites like this one. I'm looking to be told what I already know… which is that my feelings and struggles are normal.
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