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I was diagnosed w ulcerative colitis (crohns first but biopsy confirmed colitis)app 12 years old Permanent ileostomy in two diff surgeries ( it was to b temp to give bowel a rest but I was much too sick) abt 40 years ago w no issues and excellent recovery!
4-5 years ago I developed severe abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, could not eat anything unless liquid Lived on Boost, Electrolytes, ginger ale and occ puréed meals from hsp Currently 85 lbs (up from 74 last year Managed to add 3-4 lbs last few months Dr is booking dilation procedure as well as a stoma colonoscopy to see if a stent might help Pure Fear and Covid kept me from going for help until I ended up in emerg 12/2021-22 Currently struggling w even puréed foods Living on local business mashed /puréed potatoes w gravy I keep blocking it w every new food no matter how thinned out Abdomen cramps and twists like a tennis ball pushing through then stoma bends down to abdomen which in turn causes constant leaking of ostomy products It's been pure hell but time to face the procedures and hope I'm stuck in bed 75% of the time bec I'm too weak and cramps

Has anyone had an ostomy stent ? Did it help ? So hoping I don't have to face more surgery ;((( I have also developed a ‘massive blood clot ‘ in my groin at the same time ….anddddd husband was given the gift of life w a heart transplant this past year so we've been apart while I've been so sick and he was in hsp 6 hrs away Any suggestions or ideas is so appreciated 🙏❤️🇨🇦
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