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Hi there! I'm super new to all this but here's my story., My journey thus far....
Back in December 2022 I got super sick like I had the flu or something...I didn't but I had developed a skin boil on my right butt cheek.
I went to my mommas for the night which led to me being there for 3 days because of the big snow storm we had gotten.all I wanted to do was sleep yet every time I did sleep id wake myself up throwing up and everytime I had to go number one or number two by the time I got off my very big bed I'd have lost all control of my bladder and bowels!! I wouldn't eat anything nor would I take my medicine. I began to have blood pour from my nose and began not being able to breathe little by little so I gave in to my mother's annoying persistence And went to the ER where to make a longer story as shorter as possible they had to call in a specialist Surgeon to do immediate surgery.. I'll never forget what he said to my husband...he said "I have to operate right now because if I don't she's not going to make it through the night she's going to die" and my husband said "do whatever you have to do but save my wife because she's my life" ...that thing I thought was a skin boil was a mass on my right butt cheek of gangrene which is a flesh eating bacteria and it was eating away at my right butt cheek and it went right around my rectum so in order to keep the wound clean and healthy we had to do the colostomy until the wound has scabbed over and then we will get the reversal surgery done
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