Hello. I do not have an ileostomy yet, but I will be having it. Late August, early September. Waiting on scheduling now. To be honest, I was just researching diet and trying to get myself ready to do this major step in life and came across your website by accident
I would be happy to fill in my medical history if there is a place to do it.. But my journey began in 2010. When I had my colon removed all except for a small portion above the ****
The surgery from hell that I was told I would be in the hospital for three to five days. And it turned. And it turned into three weeks. In 2012, I believe it was. After being to the emergency room and in the hospital many times over the past few years, Never getting a reason for my. For my pain. Then looked at like I was drinking and had. Pancreatitis. Add one point. Someone in the hospital asked me if I wanted council. Well, to make a long story short. I decided to have the Ileostomy then. When my doctor got in and was. What he had to do to do the surgery. He found out. He found out that my bowels had twisted the bottom of the colon up in the knot. And that was. And that was my problem then. Upon MRI's cat scans or anything. But I have developed anal fissures and have. And have a lot of trouble. Taking too many pain medications. To manage life as a caregiver for my wife, who is 73 years old and has COPD. Yes, I will just stop there and To learn more. Thank you.
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