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due to 'my journey' i seem to have put my life on hold for the moment?!! UC out of the blue xmass 'o7- ileostomy march '08.. hoping to have j pouch surgery in new year,if i don't try i'll never know? toes crossed.
Was very sporty, hill walking, horse riding, swimming, have slowed down a bit but will 'get back on the horse' again as soon as poss.love observing rugby, tennis, golf.. Born and bred in Ireland 'to be sure, begorrah etc have travelled around the globe but need to go there again''''

Greetings all, this is a first for me, so I'll wade in anyway..would like to correspond with like minded people who have also been through 'the journey' and have learned not to take life too seriously anymore or take nothing or nobody for granted! Well, i,m regaining faith in myself and believe life will work out fine, where it will lead me and to whom, remains to be discovered...