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Time to update my profile! My name is traci and I'm 42 yrs old! I have had Crohn's disease for 30 yrs and a ostomate for 20yrs ! I am a retired nurse for many many years but enjoying spending my time on the social network to advocate for Crohn's & Colitis Disease and other GI related issues including ostomys ! I enjoy helping others and inspiring woman and men to be positive about there lives and never give up your dreams ! It's very eazy to inspire when you are so many people that have inspired me including the people on the site and the staff aswell! I'm always interested in hearing these amazing stories of inspiration ...this site and many like this have saved my life! Please feel free to drop me email and tell me your story! I'm always ready to be inspired! I have a lot to thank this website for ....not only have I meet life long friends ...I've also found the perfect man to share my life with ! If your looking for love don't give up on this site it might really surprise you !