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I apoligize, I don't want to sound bitter, I'm not. Thats just how it is.Today is my birthday, and I'm sitting here feeling so alone. Then I thought...Maybe if I go on the internet and put in stomas and support groups I would find some people who are going through the same thing. And I found You! I feel better now! I used to love life and being out doors but I've lost the enjoyment I used to get. I need to find some new friends and get it back. I've got an 8 year old Great Grandson who brought me a birthday card today and a big hug...He makes my day. I love children there to sweet and innocent to be mean.I'm a caring person, I've always taken care of other people. If I would learn to take care of myself I guess I'd be okay.I grew up like "Little House on the Prarie" I should've raised my kids that way. LOL

I would just like to talk to people who have had medical problems and know what the struggles are. After I had my large intestines taken out because of a botched colonoscopy and it was torn. I couldn't handle the pain any longer from it falling out. So last Dec. 30th. I let them do what they had to. At first I felt pretty good about it. I had taken care of people who had colostomys or stomas and my Mom had a friend with one...So I was comfortable around them. Then after some more medical problems. My Dr. looked at me and said " Your quality of life is 0" I never felt that alone since my Husband died 18 years ago! He was good he stood by me the whole time I had crohns disease. Since then I think I have 1 friend and my kids have turned there backs.