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i was diagnosed with bladder cancer in march of 2011. i underwent chemo and then in Aug of 2011 my bladder was removed.
well its been just over 10 years since my surgery. a lot has happened and i am doing great. retired and have my little piece of the world staked out and love the quiet and easy going life around me. i was never a city type anyway so being around my roots in farm country is a blessing. still looking for that person to share whats left of life with, who understands and is ok with my situation. it surely has not slowed me down much but there are a few things i dont feel comfy doing.... like going to a beach or pool etc haha
one thing i have realized about seeking a relationship, either here or anywhere online, is the fact that women interested in a relationship are, like me, not really interested in relocation. we have our little spot in the world and all have family and or friends we are not willing to leave for another part of the country. which is fine, nothing wrong with that at all. it does make it more difficult or non existent for those of us that would rather find someone that shares our ostomy issue. and, i think a lot of us, if not most, have tried to find that "regular" person only to find the are scared off by the ostomy. so, i will keep on looking and hope for the best even though i am not all that hopeful. i will continue doing my thing and enjoying life.
so write if you want to chat or are interested
thank you
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